My First Event as a Blogger: Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Room – Vancouver

October 20, 2017

Helloooooo guys!!!



I'm here to tell you about this amazing event that I was invited on October 3rd by Grand Marnier. Yeeess!!!  The Grand Marnier at Cordon Rouge Room. I'm so happy for being part of it and I couldn't let this moment pass without sharing it with you. 




Just before we get started, let's talk about this liquor and its background. Grand Marnier was created in 1880 by Louis- Alexandre Marnier in France. It's made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange, and sugar. Grand Marnier can be consumed neat and also used in mixed drinks and disserts.


It was amazing to try the unique taste of each cocktail at the Grand Marnier - Cordon Rouge Room. The decoration was created especially for everyone to feel like in the 1920s. The organization of this event was related to the history of alcohol in the 20s, as it's consumption, sale, and importation were prohibited. Grant Marnier organizers kept it a secret until last day as people back in the 1920's would have done in order to avoid being exposed. Personally, I wouldn't like to live in the 1920s haha




We had the opportunity to taste some cocktails created by bartenders with a touch of Grand Marnier. We also try some delicious pastries: Charlotte Cake, Cheddar Scone, Tiramisu and Chocolate Croissant (my favorite). Live music made the event even more fascinating, with classic music that gave a special entertainment for the evening. I definitely felt like in the 19th century. 




And as the weekend is coming, nothing better than to try some drinks that were part of the event. So I'm going to share all the recipes of each cocktail with you and maybe you can be your own bartender at home. That's great, right? I hope you guys enjoy this amazing orange taste that Grand Marnier has and maybe create your own cocktail.  



1. Grand Nuage (cloud) with orange cloud:


30 ML|1 OZ Grand Marnier;

30 ML|0.5 OZ Tequila;

15 ML|0.5 OZ Freshly Sqeezed Lime Juice;







2.Grand Sidecar (elevated) by Aaron Male:


1.5 OZ Grand Marnier;

Pink lemonade tea syrup;

Shaken and served UP in a coupe glass, garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel





3.Watch Over Me (by Grant Sceney – BC):


½ OZ Grand Marnier;

½ OZ Wild Turkey;

½ OZ Lemon Juice;

½ dashes Bittered Sling Clingstone Peach Bitters;

2 Rosemary Sprigs; 

2 OZ Cold Sparkling water;

Add 1 sprig of rosemary and all remaining ingredients to cocktail shaker (omit sparking water). Add ice and shake hard. Open tin and gently pour sparkling water in to combine then double strain into a flute glass.





4.Grand Marnier Centenaire Neat / on-the rocks:


 1 oz neat or on the rocks





I'm very happy to share this experience with you guys and I hope you enjoy this post. I also wanna say thank you Grand Marnier family for the invitation to this great event. Thank you very much. Have a great weekend!!



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